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Reduce Pain

Improving local circulation and reducing inflammation will lead to healing. As your nerves and tissue heals, you will find pain, numbness and tingling also subsiding.​

Reduce Inflammation

Inflammation causes serious health problems. People with peripheral neuropathy have chronic inflammation in their nerves, blood vessels, and micro-capillaries.

Improve Circulation

See the difference in local circulation as measured by a Scanning Laser Doppler manufactured by Moor Instruments. Brighter colors indicate increased circulation. 

Sleep Well

Neuropathy symptoms disrupt a good nights sleep. That affects your health, and those around you. Conquer the symptoms, and sleep soundly every night.​

Get your life back!

Imagine living pain-free. The first step is to be evaluated for this remarkable therapy. No drugs, no surgery and ZERO side-effects. What do you have to lose?

Get Help today

Call today to schedule your evaluation.  Don't wait. Untreated Neuropathy can lead to serious health consequences.  Our evaluation is thorough and personalized.